Swiss Institute

Founded by a group of Swiss and Sri Lankan entrepreneurs and partnered by Swiss certifying and knowhow partners including the Swiss Hospitality School Lucerne (SHL) and the Swiss Banking Advisory Academy BBZ from St. Gallen, as well as contributions by the President of the University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen, Switzerland.

The Swiss institute in Sri Lanka is the first and exclusively Swiss endorsed organization providing affordable education with access to financing for participants. Furthermore, Swiss Institute has embraced the concept of training at the source: We bring training to communities across the island – where there are tourism developments.

The Swiss institute is headed by Dr. Rohith Gerald Delilkhan who has a long-standing track record of setting up and managing educational institutions in Europe and Asia. He also consults to many global companies.

The core team comprises seasoned tourism and hospitality experts locally, and we are very proud of the fact that with Gitangeli Chakravarthy, Renusha Gomez, Michelle Wahid de Silva, Anusha Jayasekera, Tatum de Souza and Amanda Emmanuel we have strong female leadership in our midst.

A key mission of the institution is to reposition the hospitality and tourism industry in society and engage women for the future of the tourism in Sri Lanka.

Our collaborative link to Switzerland is endorsed by our Advisory Board and Academic Council members, Andrea Kuhn-Senn, Dominique Nordmann, Urs Basler and Sebastian Wörwag, who have helped inject the spirit and convictions of Swiss hospitality and service industry education in the institute.

We are creating a paradigm shift in service culture in Sri Lanka with our Swiss based professional training model and creating a new generation of experts that will take our hospitality and service industry to new heights.

Our model is unique in that we are not operating out of a traditional brick and mortar institute but instead we are setting up training locations around the country. This will help our students with easy access and affordability. Mobility of training translates into stability of families and income opportunities in rural locations.

We have partnered up with some of the best hotels and financial institutions around the country to give our students a first-hand experience of working within a hotel. On-site training is a key part of our process to ensure that our students are fully equipped once they complete our programs.

Our Philosophy

Everywhere in the service industry there is contact with and delivery of a service to a customer.  Service industry is complex: There is a logistics side to it, and there is customer service to it. The product of the service industry depends on both the hard side and the soft element being perfectly executed. If you don´t get it right, digital competition will.

Our philosophy is to take the best practices from across the service industry and the key challenges it faces from digital transformation.

For our business and institutional clients this means we can change their way their businesses operate, making them more efficient and customer-centric in the face of global competition. We have developed some of the best customer and touchpoint management programs for the service industry based on client projects we have conducted in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and in 15 European countries.

Our best practice and future focus approach allows us also to shape education and give our students a firm foundation – in the general competencies of service of tomorrow.