Sri Lanka Technological Campus

We are passionate about providing unparalleled higher education and research opportunities of international standard, through which we envision to produce career-ready global graduates. Our affiliation to the state, accreditation we have received from the Ministry of Higher Education, recognition of our degrees by the University Grants Commission (UGC), our International Affiliations and the financial strength of our parent organization, enhance our credentials as a stable institution that you could place your trust and confidence in. Located within the most serene surroundings of 37 acres of pristine greenery, it is an environment any university would dream to possess in educating their students. Our in-campus hostels, laboratories, library, and all other facilities are undoubtedly the most modern. All non-core student engagement initiatives at SLTC will ensure our students turnout to be ‘complete’, ‘well-rounded’ men and women, ready to unleash their full professional and personal potential to conquer the world.

1. We are Career Oriented

Therefore we have enhanced our curriculum with practical activities to ensure that the students improve in interpersonal skills, social skills, communication skills and other soft skills necessary to make a well-rounded graduate.Each programme includes mandatory internship modules which need to be concluded in order to be eligible for graduation. Further, the subjects cater to very specific industries and their current and future requirements ensuring employment right after graduation.

2. We’re accredited and recognized

The degree programmes are fully accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and are also recognised by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka (UGC). We follow the guidelines set out by the Washington Accord for Engineering degrees and the Sydney Accord for Technology degree curriculums.

Most of our degree programmes have been deemed parallel and equal to programmes offered by various globally ranked universities which enable our students to transfer to any such university if required.

3. Live the complete University experience

We are residential.

Being the only non-state residential Engineering University, SLTC gives the best of both worlds to its students with a busy urban vibe surrounded by a great parkland and sports facilities within the campus compound.

We’re collegiate.

SLTC is the only University in Sri Lanka to operate a college structure. Students are organized into colleges because we believe this is the best way to support students, to help them make friends outside their subjects and create an exciting social scene. SLTC has a socially diverse student body; therefore whatever the student’s background maybe, they’ll feel at home with us.

4. We’re global

We’re well connected.

SLTC maintains a large number of global research and academic partnerships with universities from USA, Ireland, New Zealand,Australia and UK among which University of Lancaster which is among the top 10 universities in UK are also a part of.

We’re affiliated to world class universities.

The 2+2 Programme allows SLTC undergraduates to read the first two years of their SLTC degree in a chosen field of study and graduate from a global university by transferring to one of our partner universities to read the final two years of the programme. We facilitate transfer programmes to renowned Foreign Universities such as Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, Deakin University of Australia, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, Texas Tech University and Georgia Institute of Technology of USA.

5. We’re experienced and research-based

Eminent panel of lecturers.

Most of our academic staff hold PhD degrees from leading universities in the world and are committed to bringing about excellence in teaching and research at SLTC.

World class research.

Being a research based university we’re the only University in Sri Lanka that conducts research of world renowned Universities such as Princeton University. The panel of lecturers are very well versed in research and engages in Problem Based Learning which enhances the student’s engagement in research and innovation.

6. Widening opportunities

Convenient options financing best education opportunities. Our students are offered an array of financial options enabling them to have the best education they deserve without the burden of finding financial support.

For the first time in Sri Lanka SLTC undergraduates have the option of financing their own education by the means of a unique collateral free loan scheme by SLTC, which is payable over a period of 8 years.

We also offer several installment schemes that covers not only the tuition fee but also accommodation and other resource expenses.

7. Talent recognition

We believe that success comes with passion and that passion should be rewarded. The ENTECH Scholarship scheme introduced in 2017 is Sri Lanka’s first merit based scholarship that is awarded based on the applicant’s A/L results.

In addition to recognising academic merit SLTC also rewards achievements in sports and other extracurricular activities in our potential and existing undergraduates.

8. Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

Enriching the quality of student experience, SLTC attracts students from all walks of life to join our community and learn from a dedicated staff in exceptional schools. We are committed to the personal and intellectual progress of our undergraduates in a varied and nurturing academic environment. SLTCs provide an environment that motivates our undergraduates through broad imagination, critical thinking and collaborative work to propel knowledge and enhance the human condition.SLTC is the first of its kind, - Corporate powered, Research based, Residential campus.

Our University is modern and forward thinking, not bound or limited by tradition. We are quick to adopt the latest developments in teaching and research, to create a truly cutting edge university. We strive to be the “centre of excellence for the development of full student potential for the benefit of Sri Lanka and the rest of the world.” Our primary aim is to produce ‘workforce ready global graduates’ who are skilled to take on a career of their choice and flourish in it.

9. SLTC is Sri Lanka’s fastest growing university

As the first corporate-powered residential campus in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Technological Campus is a young university with an inclusive and caring environment. SLTC has made enormous strides to become one of the best universities in such a short time, adding its name as the first non-state residential engineering campus in Sri Lanka, to the list of Sri Lankan universities despite its comparative youthfulness. Some of our greatest strengths include overall student satisfaction and the ability to produce readily employable graduates. Our university is modern and forward thinking, which means we are quick and nimble in adopting the latest developments in teaching and research to create a truly, cutting edge institution. Our campus at Padukka is one of our greatest assets and exudes the best of both worlds – a busy urban vibe surrounded by great parkland and sport facilities as well as high quality study environments that are central to our thinking. We have invested millions in modern facilities such as auditoriums, dormitories, libraries and cafeteria etc, within a very short time span. SLTC possess a socially diverse student body; so whatever your background you’ll feel at home here