SQA -Mechanical Engineering Advanced Diploma

SQA -Civil Engineering Advanced Diploma

If your goal is to graduate from university, then one very successful route of study is to complete an SQA Advanced Diploma and progress onto a related degree.

The SQA Advanced Diploma is a short cycle Higher Education qualification which enables advanced entry into many undergraduate degree programmes in universities and higher education institutions across the world.

Worldwide recognition

SQA Advanced Diploma are widely recognised around the world as being the equivalent to the first two years of undergraduate study.

Diploma to Degree

Diploma to Degree is a well-established and proven route to progressing directly onto the second or third year of a flexible degree.

Many students have studied in their own country before moving abroad to complete a degree, entering directly into second or third year. This option can be a cost effective route to studying abroad and achieving a degree at an international Higher Education Institution.