Spoken English for Students & Adults

Register today. Students after O/Ls & A/Ls and  Adults - Learn to speak English as a Fluent English Speaker.

Spoken English Classes for Children - Rs 3000 per Month. Spoken English for Students Rs 4,000 per Month (13-17 years)

Spoken English for Students after O/L & A/L and Adults - Course Fee - Rs 16,500 (payable in 2-3 Installments), Registration Fee - Rs 2500

Advanced Spoken & Business English Course for Working Personnel - Rs 26,000 (2-3 Installments), Registration Fee - Rs 2500

Advanced Business English Course for Professionals (Individual Course) - Rs 30,000 (2 - 3 installments)

Diploma in English Language & Literature - Duration 6 months - Rs 48,000 (4 Installments) (3 - 4 Installments)

Note - Advanced Course include - Special Business Communication Module

  Course Units for all Courses also include;

  • Basics of  English Speaking, Correct use of English Grammar in Writing & Speaking
  • Speaking English for the real world, Development of Public Speaking skills
  • Personality development & Interview Skills
  • English for Work Purpose, Writing Skills for Real Life situations

All Participants of our English Courses now have the added advantage of obtaining the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification for MS Word & MS Excel 2016, Join our Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Training Course then sit for the Microsoft Online examination and get certified as a World recognized Microsoft Office Specialist.(Additional charges payable for MOS Training & Online MOS Examination).

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