Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic
Type Full Time
Duration 3 ½ Years
  • Age: Between 16 & 22 years
  • Education: Passed in 06 subjects at the G.C.E. (O/L) Examination including Sinhala/Tamil language (Medium of Instruction) and Mathematics in one sitting.

Can be acquired a sound knowledge about Domestic, Commercial, Industrial Refrigerators and Air Conditioners and their functions, maintenance, servicing and repairs.


To build a technician with skills, knowledge and safety practices to suite the local and international requirements.


First Year

Basic Training

Second Year

  • Thermodynamics principles
  • Fundamentals of Refrigeration and Air Condition
  • Refrigeration Cycle of Vapor Compression System & Enthalpy Charts
  • Safety and Safety precaution.
  • Tubing and Brazing
  • Measuring practical (Pressure, Temperature, Humidity)

Third Year

  • Main components and accessories of Refrigeration Cycle
  • Basic Cycle Controls and measuring Current, Voltage, Resistance
  • Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling, and Environmental issues
  • Installation, Trouble Shootings, Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs of all type of Domestic, Commercial, Industrial Refrigerators and Air Conditioners
  • Prepare estimate for Repair & Maintenance work

Final Year


(In-plant Training)

  • Properties of Air/Psychometric Charts
  • Refrigerants and Refrigerants Oil
  • Types of Other Refrigeration system
  • Application of New Technology (Inverter, VRV, VRF)
  • Calculation, Heat Load for Air Conditioners
  • Calculation Cooling Load for Cold Rooms

Revision and Final Evaluation

Theory: Theoretical lessons on workshop science, workshop calculation & technical drawing are conducted one day per week during the course. In addition English language classes are conducted for trainees.

Fee Free