Raffles Film School


Certificate Course in Filmmaking

Awarding Body:

Raffles Design Institute


12 Weeks


August, January, May

Raffles Film School is a frugal film making course. Frugal filmmaking is an approach that uses minimum and affordable equipment to achieve the highest quality in their films at extremely low costs. Our Frugal Filmmaking covers 6 practical modules.


  1. Screenwriting – 3 Sessions x 4 hours.
    • Aims to instill a sense of understanding about basic narrative structure when it comes to filmmaking. Three-act structure, its validity and newer structures will be touched on. Using the brainstormed ideas from the previous week, the student will be instructed on how to create a step-outline, which is an elementary step towards creating a screenplay.

  2. Cinematography – 2 Sessions x 6 hours.
    • Understanding of basic camera movement, effective use of movement to tell a story and types of lenses and their effect. Understand the difference between an ordinary script and a shooting script. Breaking down a screenplay into a shooting script. The student will learn how to create shot lists and identify the type of shot (wide, long, closeup etc.) to use.  Utilizing the shot list, the student will be taught the importance of storyboarding and when to do it.

  3. Directing (Production) – 3 Sessions x 5 hours.
    • Ability to working as a team, delegate tasks and motivate the crew to achieve a goal under a certain timeframe and how to work with actors and elicit good performances. Rehearse lines with the actors, make compromises due to their limitations, find ways to work around those limitations while staying true to the vision and blocking a scene.

  4. Post-production – 2 Sessions x 5 hours.
    • Post-production basic, editing techniques. Understand how to manage file systems for efficient post-production. Working with the sound and understand the importance of good sound in film.

  5. Color Grading – 1 Session x 6 hours.
    • Basic idea of color theory. How to films evoke emotions and convey messages through color grading.  Common theories of color grading and how to implement in Adobe Premiere, Da Vinci Resolve.

  6. Marketing and Promotion in Film – 1 Session x 6 hours.
    • Formats to utilize and how to export content for the web, social media, DCP. The modern world is a global hub connected via the Internet and a filmmaker needs to know how to a product that stands out but also how to market it and themselves.  The student will gain understanding on how to make a name for themselves, submit to film festivals, make their content viral and utilize social media as a platform to market their name.

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  • Film director
  • Video editor
  • Cinematographer
  • Creative Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Film Producer
  • Vlogger
  • A Position in these following Industry:
    • Film
    • Digital Media
    • Advertising
    • Visual Effects