Northshore Diploma in English

This course is primarily designed to enable students and employed persons to become proficient in English language and consequently be successful in their higher education or careers while providing them with the confidence to communicate in English in order to cope up with the modern world.

Basic Entry Requirement

Minimum age of 16 years

Course Structure

The Diploma Course in English consists of three levels as:

  •             Level I            – Certificate in English
  •             Level II           – Advanced Certificate in English
  •             Level III         – Certificate of Proficiency in English

Admission to either Level I or Level II: By a placement test.

Prerequisite for Level III: Successful completion of Level II.

Course Content
  1. Writing

The course is intended to help the students improve their academic writing and writing skills for career purposes.

  1. Advanced Grammar

Advanced grammar will be taught to improve students’ writing and speaking skills.

  1. Reading

Students will be practised to read and comprehend texts and to respond appropriately exploiting suitable reading strategies.

  1. Listening

Students will be familiarized to different accents, and their listening skills will be improved through listening to conversations, small talks, mini-lectures, documentaries etc.

  1. Speaking

Students’ oral communication will be developed as they learn and practice to speak with proper pronunciation, respond to questions, deliver a speech effectively, engage in formal and informal conversations and discussions, and to make effective presentations.

Evaluation Methods

Individual and Group Assignments

Continuous Assessment Tests

Final Assessment Test

Programme Consultants

Ms.Kalani Dissanayake and Ms.Nirodha Withana

Contact No: 011-599-0000

Email: or

Course Duration
  • Level I – Certificate in English                                   – 3 months
  • Level II- Advanced Certificate in English                 – 3 months
  • Level III- Certificate of Proficiency in English          – 3 months

Levels I, II, and III will prepare the students for the Cambridge Examinations (optional) PET, FCE & CAErespectively.

Course Schedule

Both weekday and weekend courses are available

Weekday Course (Level I only)

Monday and Wednesday 9.00 a.m – 12.00 noon

Weekend Course

Saturday 9.00 a.m – 3.00 p.m – (Level II only)

Sunday 9.00 a.m – 4.00 p.m – (Level I)

Course Fee (Conditions apply)

Registration Fee: LKR. 2,000/-

Level I – LKR.20,000/-

Level II- LKR.15,000/-

Level III-LKR. 10,000/-

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