MSc Big Data Analytics

Course Overview

This Masters degree course offers extensive training in Big Data technology and methods, providing the opportunity to upgrade existing skills to the state-of-the-art in areas such as data mining, programming for distributed systems, NoSQL databases, text analytics techniques and leveraging cloud computing platforms for Big Data analytics. A strong research focus will equip students to either move on to a PhD programme or an industry-based research position or be an industry consultant in Big Data solutions.

Entry Requirements

The normal minimum entry requirements are an Honours Degree (2nd class or better) in a discipline with significant IT, Computing, Mathematics or Statistics content.

In general, all potential applicants are subjected to an interview to discuss the level of qualification offered and the experience gained in an industrial background.

These requirements may be relaxed for applicants holding a qualification or industrial experience of equivalent standard. In general, an interview is required for entry to the course.

IIT will always refer to Computer Science and Digital Media (CSDM) of Robert Gordon University (RGU), Scotland, UK when considering applicants who do not meet the stipulated criteria. Applicants may still be considered in situations where they possess a degree in addition to significant industrial experience. These applicants will also be subjected to an interview.

Course Modules

Course Specification Document:Core Award Data & Student Learning Experience

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  Stage 1   Semester 1 CREDITS LEVEL
  CMM701   Data Warehousing 15 SCQF 11
  CMM705   Big Data Programming 15 SCQF 11
  CMM707   Cloud Computing 15 SCQF 11
    Total for Semester: 45  
  Stage 1   Semester 2 CREDITS LEVEL
  CMM702   Advanced Databases 15 SCQF 11
  CMM703   Data Analysis 15 SCQF 11
  CMM704   Data Mining 15 SCQF 11
    Total for Semester: 45  
  Stage 1   Semester 3 CREDITS LEVEL
  CMM706   Text Analytics 15 SCQF 11
  CMM708   Research Methods 15 SCQF 11
    Total for Semester: 30  
  Stage 1   Semester 4 CREDITS LEVEL
  CMM799   MSc Project / Dissertation 15 SCQF 11
    Total for Semester: 0  
  Stage 1   Semester 5 CREDITS LEVEL
  CMM799   MSc Project / Dissertation 15 SCQF 11
    Total for Semester: 60


• Postgraduate Certificate (PgC) Big Data Analytics
- Awarded on successful completion of four modules

• Postgraduate Diploma (PgD) Big Data Analytics
- Awarded on successful completion of eight modules

• Master of Science (MSc) Big Data Analytics
- Awarded on successful completion of eight modules with the MSc Project

Teaching and Assessment

Each module is delivered in form of lectures and tutorials, with special emphasis on practicals. Assessment would be mainly coursework based. Certain subjects would have an exam.

Associated Careers

• Architect - Big Data
• Analytics - Developer Support Engineer
• Big Data Engineer
• Big Data Systems Administrator
• Data Analyst
• Data Scientist
• Network Data Platform and Contextual Insights Consultant
• Senior Data Engineer
• Senior Software Engineer – Cloud Infrastructure
• Senior Manager - Cloud Enforcement
• Technology Solutions Architect - Cloud Computing
• Technical Leader – Big Data Technology

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