Mechanical Draughtsmanship

Mechanical Draughtsmanship 1 – ( Course Code: MD 1)
Type Part Time
Duration 150 Hours

Above 16 years of age and must be successfully completed GCE(O/L) including Maths & Science.


Following this preliminary training course of Mechanical Draughtsmanship, The students will be able to draw the mechanical parts from different views and also be able to read symbolical information of the technical drawings.


After successful completion of the course the students will be able to read and prepare simple technical drawings which are related to mechanical engineering.

  • Introduction of Mechanical Draughtsman ship & Standards
  • Geometrical Constructions
  • Flat Work Pieces
  • Rounded Work Pieces
  • Introduction of Orthographic Projection
  • Work Pieces with Canceled Edges
  • Work Pieces with Incliner Surface
  • Cylindrical Work Pieces
  • Truncated Cylindrical Work pieces
  • Pyramidal Work Pieces
  • Conical Work Pieces
  • Full Section
  • Half Section
  • Drawing of Thread
  • Rule & Regulation for Thread
  • Hexagonal Bolts & Nuts
Fee Rs. 10,000

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