Master of Business Administration

Course review

The University of Bedfordshire (UOB) MBA aims to enhance your professional prospects by developing your capability to apply the latest thinking relating to organisational development and change in the competitive global context. The University of Bedfordshire MBA offers sophisticated business knowledge at a senior level of management and significantly advances leadership skills. Undertaking this qualification demonstrates determination to succeed in a chosen career area and will bolster your confidence.

This offers a challenging learning opportunity to encourage the integration of theory and practice supported by experienced academics with substantial management experience.

You will work with industry experts and academics on live consultancy projects and these will be relevant and applied with leading employers in organisations across private, public and not-for-profit sectors to support your personal and professional development as a creative and innovative leader with the knowledge and skills needed in the global, knowledge-based economy.

The University of Bedfordshire MBA aims to deliver a programme that will equip you with the key technical competencies companies expect and the critical skills that global organisations value above all: the ability to work with, and lead, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams; to think creatively about complex problems; and engage and create your own knowledge networks to generate innovative solutions.

Course Structure

Prospective students will follow 4 core subjects/units and 2 elective subjects/units depending on the area of specialization selected (i.e Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Hospital and Health Services Management or General MBA).

General MBA

The General MBA combines core MBA disciplines with innovative subject areas supported by the latest research in strategic management and leadership to develop business competence and strengthen confidence and credibility, providing you with the practical and theoretical capabilities to master the complexities of a competitive and changing business environment.
The course adopts a practice-led curriculum and aims to develop an advanced knowledge of organisations and their effective management in the dynamic competitive global context, and the ability to creatively apply this knowledge and understanding to complex issues to systematically and innovatively enhance strategic business and management practice.

MBA With Specializations – a Focused Approach to Your Study

Take advantage of our pre-selected study streams in Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Finance for a focused approach to study. With 4 core units and 2 electives as part of your study path you will be able to tailor your study route to meet your own specific requirements.

The MBA (Marketing), MBA (Finance) and MBA (HRM) adopts a practical and applied business curriculum. You will develop the attributes and skills expected of post-graduates confirmed by partner industry bodies including the Chartered Management Institute and the Confederation of British Industry, including team-working, negotiation skills, leadership, confidence, and the ability to apply critical and creative thinking to complex and unclear problems to develop innovative solutions

It aims to develop an advanced knowledge of organisations and their effective management in the dynamic competitive global context, and the ability to creatively apply this knowledge and understanding to complex issues to enhance strategic business and management practice systematically and innovatively.

MBA  (Marketing)

Marketing lies at the heart of both the relational and transactional exchange between a business and its people and customers. This course will help seasoned managers to clarify their communication strategies with a broad range of up-to-date marketing concepts. In highly competitive markets the success or failure of a product or service may be determined by the marketing decisions you make. This course will help you make the right ones.

MBA (Finance)

The rationale for this specialization is straightforward: to provide seasoned managers with the tools they need to analyse, control and reduce business risk in volatile financial and commodity markets. Providing a clear grasp of the financial tools you’ll need to generate net present values figures and understand the principles of financial analysis and quality trade-offs.

MBA (Human Resource Management)

Human Resource Management helps seasoned managers understand the theory and the practice of HR, from a strategic and an operational perspective, and enable them to make a key contribution to the overall success of their organisation. It is designed for individuals who want to develop their leadership and management skills along with their interest in Human Resource Management and for those seeking fast track career progression opportunities.

MBA Hospital and Health Services Management

The field of healthcare presents unparalleled challenges and opportunities. Healthcare Administrators are integral to the successful management of hospitals, prepare yourself with the business and healthcare administration skills needed for success. Learn business applications without sacrificing the caring that brought you to healthcare. The MBA Hospital and Health Services Management builds on the established strength of the management core syllabus, to provide expertise in the unique elements and issues within the healthcare industry.

Credits Awarded Directly From University of Bedfordshire

The MBA awarded by University of Bedfordshire offered at Oxford College of Business is the only internal MBA exclusively awarded directly from University of Bedfordshire. Once you register on the program you will be a student of University of Bedfordshire where you will receive your student ID, tutor access, access to the University’s learning portal (BREO) and library access. The total number of credits awarded on the MBA is 180 credits, where all 180 credits are awarded directly from University of Bedfordshire.

Why Choose a Mba From University of Bedfordshire?
Longevity and Reputation

The programme combines core MBA disciplines with innovative subject areas to provide ‘the Big Picture’ of business life which underpins career success in strategic management and leadership. It is also formally accredited by the Association of Business Executives (ABE). Upon meeting all relevant assessment criteria, this means MBA graduates upon graduation can apply for the full membership at the Association of Business Executives (UK) which qualifies them as formal members of the Institute.


Traditional MBA models involve several individual subjects being offered generally over a 12 week period. For a busy executive, this makes their learning susceptible to external factors such as unexpected work and personal issues that could occur during this time. The UOB MBA is offered as one subject at a time. This means that students need to focus on just one subject at a time, in addition to their usual personal and professional obligations.

The full MBA is achieved upon completion of six modules (a total of 180 credits).


The core programme is wide-ranging and includes modules such as leading and managing organisational resources, strategy and the global competitive environment and management practice.


Many MBA degrees offered elsewhere are principally formulaic. With the UOB MBA at Oxford College of Business, we actively encourage students to fundamentally question generally-accepted management and leadership wisdom by drawing upon the full range of social scientific knowledge. Not only does this develop a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of the complex nature of organisations and their functioning, but it develops the transferable skills of evaluation and analysis required of senior management.


Students will be involved in live management issues through various projects and assessments, developing leadership and management skills, and undertaking both group-based and individual work. Students are also invited to guest lectures by practicing managers, each of whom has extensive experience in their field.

If you are looking for an MBA in Marketing, Finance or HRM that offers a values-led curriculum focused on leadership, innovation, and best practice – UOB MBA becomes the automatic choice.


The University of Bedfordshire has broken into the top 100 in the Guardian University Guide 2018 moving up 15 places to 98. The climb in the Guardian league table builds on the improvement in Bedfordshire’s ranking in the Complete University Guide, which saw the University rise 11 places.

Bedfordshire recently leapt in the annual World University Rankings (Times Higher Education) which placed the University as 64 out of 130* universities in the United Kingdom and was revealed earlier this year as one of the world’s top young universities in the 2017 Young University Rankings

The Times Higher Education World University league table ranked the University of Bedfordshire as 64 out of the 91 UK universities. However there are 130 universities in the UK who are eligible to be included in the league table which places Bedfordshire as 64 out of 130 for UK universities.