Kitchen & Cooking Diploma Program


160 lessons

Target Audience:

Individuals who wish to work in kitchens and as cooks in a hotel. The course is also a key course in the diploma program.

Training and development:

The program is about handling food and hygiene requirements in a hotel or restaurant operation, and the ability to prepare a basic set of dishes, handle cooking equipment and a kitchen competently and to international standards. Participants will have attained NVQ level 4 capability by the end of the program.


  • Understand the role of the kitchen in a hotel or restaurant operation
  • Know kitchen equipment and how to use effectively
  • Do´s and don´ts of food and ingredients in the kitchen
  • Understand that hygiene factors are your responsibility
  • Storage and transport of perishable goods
  • Managing stocks and planning inventory for the kitchen
  • Know how to cook a set of basic local and international dishes
  • How to prepare a menu
  • How to close down a kitchen for the night
  • How to work in a kitchen team – collaboration and coordination
  • Logistics of serving dishes and menus
  • Working and planning with other departments
  • Kitchen best practices


There will be a final assessment at the end of the course, consisting of creating a menu, planning requirements, handling logistics and serving the menu, using kitchen equipment and cleaning up the kitchen.  To receive your diploma, you will need to spend 3 months doing practical work in a kitchen in a hotel or restaurant.

Qualification: Swiss Certified Cook, Diploma in Cookery

Entry requirements

  • Completion of either O levels or A levels
  • Minimum age: 16 years
  • English & Customer Service for Hospitality Diploma

Course Fee: LKR 75,000.00

  • Pricing is introductory and could change without prior notice
  • The fees do not include taxes and certification fees
  • Certification fee is LKR 10,000 per module, certification fees are due on graduation

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