Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation – ( Course Code: PLC )
Type Part Time
Duration 150 Hours

Above 16 years of age and must be successfully completed E2 or engaged in the relevant trade.


The “Industrial Automation” concentration area in the engineering field, would support, electronic control and systems thinking in to the design, commissioning, operation maintenance and repairs of “Intelligent” products and processes.

  • To achieve practical experience in the maintenance and repairs on Automation Technology.
  • To increase the ability to fulfill the requirement of the industry.
  • To achieve excellent job opportunities as skill workers in the worldwide.
  • Introduction to Automation
  • Processors (Signal Processors–Hard Wire Control: Analogue Electronics, Digital Electronics)
  • Actuators & Pre-Actuators (Electrical Actuators, Electro-Pneumatic Actuators)
  • Sensors and its applications
  • Software
  • Modular Production System
Fee Rs. 31,250