Global Business Transfer


2 Years

Entry Requirements

Direct Entry:
Local/London Advanced level or equivalent qualifications

Alternate Entry:
Successful completion of AIC Foundation in Business (FIB) Program

Program Objectives

Students enrolled for the AIC Global Business Transfer (GBT) Program are trained to obtain the adequate knowledge and skills to successfully complete the first two years of the university business education with guided classroom teaching. 

Program Overview

The AIC Global Business Transfer (GBT) Program at AIC Campus allows students to start their Business degree in Sri Lanka and to transfer to a destination University of their choice after completing their first two years of studies at the state-of-the-art AIC Campus. 

Students who enroll in the AIC Global Business Transfer (GBT) Program completes a comprehensive academic curriculum preparing them for advance placement, scholarships and credit transfer to leading universities in France, Australia, UK, USA and Europe.