Total Immersion in English (Tis)
Successful Candidates Will Be Awarded a “certificate in Total Immersion in English” After Completion of the Program

Total Immersion in English course conducted at Oxford College of Business enjoys tremendous popularity among a large student population. It provides the students greater confidence in the general use of English, techniques of listening and understanding and an opportunity to develop presentation and communication skills.

Course Contents

Grammar, Spellings, Dialogues, Comprehensions, Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, Pronunciation, Role Play, Debates, Group Activities, Presentation Skills

Objectives of the Program

  • Understand and use basic phrases and expressions
  • Introduce yourself and answer basic questions and your personal details
  • Interact with English speakers who talk slowly and clearly
  • Write short, simple notes

Teaching Methodology

English is taught in an interactive way so that all students will be motivated to participate direct in the class independently or as a member of a group. The use of role play, dialogues, debates, videos and other audio visual study materials are among the list of initiatives the teachers introduce to enhance the teaching and learning process. The teachers adopt a system of closely monitoring the progress of each student to ensure the expected outcome.

  • A placement examination will be held to identify the standard of the student and then the students will be grouped accordingly
  • Maximum 20 students for one group.

Class Schedule

  Classes Held On Class Timings Duration
Batch 1 Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9.00am-1.00pm 02 months
Batch 2 Tuesday/Thursday 9.00am-1.00pm 03 months
Batch 3 Saturday or Sunday 9.00am -4.00pm 03 months