Gas & Arc Welding Technology

Gas & Arc Welding Technology – ( Course Code: W 3 )
Type Part Time
Duration 75 Hours

Completed W1 & W2


Provide a good knowledge on modern welding and metal fabrication technology to meet the present day requirements in the industrial sector


To build a skilled craftsman who is able to handle any kind of metal welding and fabrication work according to the specifications which are provided by the industry

  • Butt Joint (Flat Position)
  • Butt Joint (Vertical-Upward)
  • Butt Joint (Horizontal)
  • Hard Soldering (Brass)
  • Arc Welding
  • "T" Joint (03 Laps)
  • "T" Joint (Vertical-Upward)
  • "T" Joint (Vertical-Downward)
  • "T" Joint (Over Head)
  • Introduction of TIG, MIG & MAG
Fee Rs. 13,000