Add Value to Your Mba and Give Recognition to Your Work Experience
The Association of Business Executives (Abe) is the Only Professional General Management Qualification in Sri Lanka.

The Association of Business Executives (ABE) has produced a Code of Professional Practice to enable its Members to play an active part in promoting and maintaining honorable managerial practice, thereby developing the confidence of the communities in which they live. Successful completion of your MBA now entitles you to become a Full Member (MABE) or Fellow Member (FABE) of the Association of Business Executives with the prestigious designatory letters MABE or FABE after your name.


You can add value to your current list of qualifications with the ABE (UK) Full membership.There will be no requirement to sit for any examinations, simply face an interview to obtain the Full ABE membership. ABE Membership is conditional on passing an interview along with having an accepted MBA coupled with relevant managerial work experience. Members may use the letters MABE (UK) after their name in recognition of their level of achievement.


This is the highest level of membership offered by ABE. All applicants for the Fellow grade will be interviewed before being recommended to the ABE council via Skype. ABE Fellow Membership is conditional on passing an interview via Skype along with having an accepted MBA coupled with relevant senior managerial work experience. Fellows are allowed to use the letters FABE (UK) after their name to show their level of achievement.

Benefits of Obtaining Abe (Uk) Memberships
Professional Recognition

ABE (UK) has an assessment process in the form of an interview that applicants must pass before they are granted membership. This means that, once you have demonstrated that you have the requisite experience, qualifications and skills, you may join the institution and add the appropriate letters MABE to your CV and business card.
MABE (UK) shows that you have reached a certain level of expertise in your profession, and adds to your credibility. It also shows that you are serious about your career and professional development. ABE (UK) is the 2nd oldest professional body in UK and the only General Management Qualification in Sri Lanka.

Information and Advice

ABE (UK) have their own web site offering members access to industry news, surveys, reports, updates, career information, jobs, and details of events. ABE (UK) also offer a comprehensive on-line research facility, with downloadable documents and publications, and a facility for answering questions you may have.

Networking Opportunities

ABE (UK) has regional networking and professional development events that you can attend, which can be useful for making new contacts and learning more about what’s happening in the sector. National expos and conferences also offer excellent networking and research opportunities. If you wish to raise your profile you can volunteer to join the ABE (UK) Alumni and help organize events.


ABE (UK) has the best quarterly magazines produced by institutions, which are normally included in the cost of your annual subscription. As well as industry news and articles, the magazines often have a vacancies section – ideal for finding jobs relating to your particular industry sector. All ABE members will receive the quarterly magazine, Student Focus, which keeps you updated on ABE Qualifications, examinations and other news whilst also offering study tips and advice. All ABE members receive Business Executive Magazine which contains articles written by leading business people about the latest management techniques.

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