Executive Diploma in Tourism, Events and Hospitality Management (EDTEHM)

01. Programme Overview.

IHRA Executive Diploma in Tourism, Events and Hospitality Management is designed to provide necessary knowledge, skills and competency needed to progress career in the tourism, Events and hospitality industry. This programme will introduce to explore the evolving nature of the tourism industry and device tactical plans to suit the international market.

02. Executive Diploma in Tourism, Events and Hospitality Management (EDTEHM)

First Semester

Code Course Module Credits
ETEHM 1001 Tourism Entrepreneurship and Innovative Business Development 3
ETEHM 1002 Supply Chain Management and Industry Networking 3
ETEHM 1003 Customer Survey and Market Analysis 3
ETEHM 1004 Facility Management and Event Management 3

Total Credits of Semester


Second Semester

ETEHM 1006 MICE Tourism and Event Management 3
ETEHM 1007 Public Private Partnership for Tourism Development 3
ETEHM 1008 Financial Analysis for Tourism Project Operation and Market Analysis 3
ETEHM 1009 Tour Guiding and Package Designing 3
ETEHM 1010 Extended Essay Writing (Including 45 Lecture Hours) 6

Total Credits of Semester




03.  Entry Qualification :

01. Possesses at Least one of the following academic qualifications :

(a)Has passed GCE (A/L) Examination with accredited five (05) years executive level work experience;


(b)Accredited prior learning following a relevant programme of the minimum of 30 credits with  accredited executive level work experience:


 (c)Demonstrated competence in relevant field and potential for future career development;


(d)A good working knowledge of the English language.

04.  Duration               :

 One (01) Year.

05 Programme Fee:  

Rs. 150,000 in two instalments

  First Instalment     =   Rs. 100,000

  Second Instalment =   Rs.  50,000

06. Course Delivery: 

The Course will be delivered in weekends at IHRA, University of Colombo