English & Customer Service for Hospitality


160 lessons

Target Audience:

If you need to brush up your English so you can work in a hotel or restaurant or in a retail business catering to travelers and tourists – this course brings you up to speed and provides you with the essential skills of dealing with customers.

Training and development:

This is a hands on customer service and English module where participants acquire the language, etiquette and behavioral skills to work in the hospitality industry. It will make participants confident in dealing with guests and handling critical situations. On completion participants will have attained NVQ level 4 capability. Participants will be able to deal independently with most customer service situations.


  • Know what customer service is about
  • Understand various customer service roles in the service industry (retail, telecommunications, financial services, hospitality, travel & tourism)
  • Personal hygiene and attire
  • Acquire key communication skills for hospitality situations
  • Understand customer profiles and needs and how to satisfy customer requests
  • Know how to deliver the required service at the right time
  • Gain confidence in speaking to guests
  • Practice typical hospitality related situations
  • Practice critical situations with guests
  • Learn to be proactive with customers


There will be a final assessment at the end of the course, consisting of a simulated customer service situation where your customer service and English skills will be tested. No practical work period is required for this module to qualify for certification.

Qualification: Swiss Certified Customer Service Officer, Diploma in Customer Service

Entry requirements

  • Completion of either O levels or A levels
  • Minimum age: 16 years
  • Basic English (Candidates with no English can attend a 3-week pre-module crash course)

Course Fee:  LKR 60,000.00

  • Pricing is introductory and could change without prior notice
  • The fees do not include taxes and certification fees
  • Certification fee is LKR 10,000 per module, certification fees are due on graduation