Electricity & Electronic in Automobile

Electricity & Electronic in Automobile – ( Course Code: EA )
Type Part Time
Duration 150 Hours

Above 16 years of age and must be completed E3 course or skilled auto electricians those who are working in the relevant trade


To gain knowledge of electronically controlled units and subunits governing systems and their trouble shooting techniques.


To achieve hands on experience in the maintenance and fault findings of the electrically and electronically controlled systems in automobiles

  • Introduction of Conductors, Semiconductors & Insulators
  • Electronic Components & their applications
  • Electrical & Electronic Circuits of a Motor Vehicle
  • Observing the Ignition Timing with the Aid of an Oscilloscope
  • Excitation Methods
  • Ignition Systems
  • Functions of the Electronically Controlled Circuits & Systems
  • S.R.J. System & it’s safety function
  • A.B.S. System & it’s function
Fee Rs. 16,400