Diploma In Office Applications With Web (Dip.OA.Web)

Course Overview

Aim of the Course

This programme aims to cover several important areas of ICT and computing for absolute beginners such as; Fundamental of ICT, Operating Systems, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook and Internet.

In addition, it will also help you in your professional development for employment and enhance your IT skills. In a diverse range of teaching strategies including lectures, tutorials of practical exercises, unit by exams, and other methods to achieve the essential learning outcomes.

The learning outcomes of the programme includes;

  • Ability to demonstrate expertise in the use of a variety of office technology tools
  • Use office technology to organize, manage, and communicate information
  • Collaborate effectively in office technology settings
  • Analyze office technology materials and tools
  • Use office technology to enhance personal and professional development

Course Content

Modules/ Units

 Unit - 1: Concepts of Information Technology 

 Unit - 2: Using the Computer and Managing Files 

 Unit - 3: Word Processing (MS-Word) 

 Unit - 4: Spreadsheets (MS-Excel) 

 Unit - 5: Database (MS-Access) 

 Unit - 6: Presentation (MS-Powerpoint) 

 Unit - 6: Information and Communication (Internet & WWW) 

 Unit - 8: Web Design for Office Staff 

Fee And Duration

 Full Time

3 Months (Weekdays) 

 Part Time

6 Months (Weekends) 

 Course Fee

Rs. 19500/= (Payable in Installments)