Diploma In Multimedia Integration (Dip. MI)

Course Overview

Aim of the Course

This programme aims to cover several important areas of Graphic Designing, Digital Animation, Web Designing, Video editing & 3D Modeling for absolute beginners such as; Theoretical Aspects & Applications of Graphic Designing, Animation & Web Development  Basic Theory, Graphics and Multimedia.

In addition, it will also help you in your creativity development for employment and enhance your designing skills. A diverse range of teaching strategies including lectures, tutorials of practical exercises, unit by exams, and other methods to achieve the essential learning outcomes.

Course is designed for few target groups such as; relevant undergraduates to provide practical aspects of using Multimedia Technologies, job seekers to enter into the job market as Digital Designers and related jobs, as a step in stone for school leavers to enter into higher studies in Multimedia Integration and related fields, those who are employed in the Multimedia Industry to provide them with theoretical foundation for their career development.

The learning outcomes of each module are mapped onto computing-related cognitive and practical abilities. The learning outcomes of the programme are as follows;

  • Understand the evolution of Multimedia Technologies and Applications;
  • Understand the fields concerned with the computer-controlled integration in multimedia – text, graphics, drawings, still & moving images (video), animation, audio, and other media;
  • Use the multimedia software packages specified in the Course Content for digital processing of above fields of information such as – text, graphics, drawings  etc. for various purposes in organizations;
  • Compare and contrast the features of multimedia software packages specified in the Course Content;
  • Integrate by using appropriate multimedia technologies the digitally processed multiple type of information into a format required by organizations;
  • Decide on further areas of study in multimedia, based on inborn talents and interests for career progression planning purpose.

Course Content

Modules/ Units

 Unit - 1: Theories and Concepts of Multimedia 

 Unit - 2: Adobe InDesign CS6 

 Unit - 3: Adobe Illustrator CS6 

 Unit - 4: Adobe Photoshop CS6 

 Unit - 5: CorelDraw X6 

 Unit - 6: Adobe Flash Pro CS6 

 Unit - 7: Autodesk 3Ds Max 2011 

 Unit - 8: Autodesk Maya 2011 

 Unit - 9: Adobe Fireworks CS6 

 Unit - 10: Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 

 Unit - 11: Adobe Audition CS6 

 Unit -12: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 

 Unit - 13: Adobe After Effects CS6 

Fee And Duration

 Full Time

6 Months (Weekdays) 

 Part Time

9 Months (Weekends) 

 Course Fee

Rs. 67000/= (Payable in Installments)


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