Diploma in Management and Information Technology

Course details

Pearson UK assured Diploma in management & IT qualification will enable students who are willing to pursue their higher studies in business management and ICT related education to acquire required basic knowledge and skills.

Diploma in management & IT, is an 8 months full-time diploma course that comprises of lectures, research projects, tutorials, group/ individual presentations and discussions.

After the 8 months, students will be awarded a diploma in management and IT Certificate assured by Pearson UK, and will be eligible for the Diploma/ Advance Diploma Programmes, that they can choose according to their preference.

Prerequisites and Duration

Course Duration

Three (8) Months Full Time

Further Education Opportunities

Diploma/ Higher National Diploma in Business Diploma/ Higher National Diploma in Computer science

Course contents

Semester 1

  • Basic Mathematics and Statistics
  • Pre-Study Skills
  • Fundamentals of Computer Systems and Applications
  • Fundamentals of Business Studies

Semester 2

  • Basic Economics and Business Environment
  • Programming Concepts and Application Development
  • Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting
  • Learning and Research Skills
  • Final Project

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