Diploma in Laboratory Technology


Aims and Outcomes

  • To obtain necessary practical knowledge with related theoretical knowledge in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, IT Skills, Computer, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Laboratory Management and to develop basic skills related to theories and concepts.
  • To obtain training on information systems and to use them for the purpose of storing and interpreting data and also for communication.
  • To develop personal responsibility and leadership in managerial and administration skills necessary to establish, improve and maintain laboratories while adapting to changing environments with new developments.
  • To develop research skills and to have competencies that help to deal with predetermined responsibilities.
  • To have positive attitudes towards ensuring the best possible service with limited resources and to undertake further training.

Target Group

  • Those employed as laboratory technicians who wish to obtain qualifications and thereby improve their promotional and/or career prospects.
  • New developers: those who want to come into the laboratory technology field for the first time with the view of obtaining qualifications.
  • Any person wants to pursue a Diploma in Laboratory Technology at their own time and space and at an affordable cost.


Programme Code :


Programme Category :

Diploma Programme

Conducted by :

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Programme duration :

One academic year (However, the programme provides flexibility to those who wish to take longer).

Discipline(s) / Course(s) :

Laboratory Technology


  • Obtained a minimum of three (03) Pass grades at the General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) Examination in three science subjects, from among Applied Mathematics, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Combined Mathematics, Higher Mathematics, Information & Communication Technology, Science for Technology, Engineering for Technology, Physics, Pure Mathematics and Zoology or
  • Obtained a minimum of Pass grades in three (03) disciplines from among the courses in Foundation in Science/Certificate in Science Foundation offered by the Open University or
  • Completion of the Certificate/ Advanced Certificate in Laboratory Technology programme offered by The Open University of Sri Lanka, or
  • Equivalent or higher qualification acceptable to the Senate.


Course Fee - Please reffer the Guide Book 
Application fees : Rs. 350/=

Further Details

This Certificate programme is conducted by the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Contact the Coordinator, Mrs. M.D.J.S. Saparamadu for further details.

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Rescheduled First semester Activity schedule - 2017/2018

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P.O. Box 21, Nawala,
Nugegoda 10250

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