Diploma In ICT & Computing (Dip.ICT)

Course Overview

Aim of the Course

This program aims to cover several important areas of ICT & Computing for absolute beginners such as; Theoretical Aspects & Applications of ICT , Basic Programming Theory, Visual Programming, Web Development, Graphics and Multimedia.

In addition, it will also help you in your professional development for employment and enhance your English Skills. A diverse range of teaching strategies including lectures, tutorials, case studies, portfolio of practical exercises, continuous assessment, group and individual exercises, practical presentations and other methods to achieve the essential learning outcomes.

The learning outcomes of each module are mapped onto computing-related cognitive and practical abilities. These are intended to maximize Diploma student’s ability to solve professional problems using computers.

The learning outcomes of the programme are as follows;

  • To develop practical skills in using common software applications.
  • To develop the ability to operate ICT equipment correctly and safely.
  • Acquire appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue further studies in ICT and computing.
  • Acquire appropriate preparation for employment at entry level ICT and computing positions.
  • Acquire the necessary skills in ICT and computing to support a future career of choice.

Course Content

Modules/ Units

 Unit - 1: Fundamentals of ICT (Part – 1) 

 Unit - 2: End User Applications 

 Unit - 3: Introduction to Visual Programming 

 Unit - 4: Fundamentals of Graphic Designing & Multimedia 

 Unit - 5: Introduction to Web Designing & Development 

 Unit - 6: Employability & Professional Development 

 Unit - 7: English as a Life Skill 

 Unit - 8: Fundamentals of ICT (Part - II) 

 Unit - 9: Introduction to Procedural & Object Oriented Programming 

 Unit - 10: Web Design & Development – II 

 Unit - 11: Advanced Visual Programming (Vb.Net) 

 Unit - 12: Understanding Business Organization 

Fee And Duration

 Full Time

6 Months (Weekdays) 

 Part Time

9 Months (Weekends) 

 Course Fee

30000/=(Payable in Installments)