Diploma in Hospitality

Who is it for?

This is the program for you if you want to have a flying start to a career in hospitality and tourism! It is the most comprehensive program you can attend in hospitality in Sri Lanka today, and it provides you with a solid set of skills and a very reputable qualification accepted the world over.

Are you looking for flexibility? If you want to either take a single diploma program or after the diploma expand to a full hospitality diploma, this is it. The design offers you the flexibility to study and to work as you need to. You can take the program as an intensive program and complete most of the modules within 6 months or you can pace it and complete the program over two years, depending on your wishes.

How does the Swiss program compare with the British NVQ qualification? The NVQ qualification pathway does not necessarily require training. Typically, the preparation for an NVQ assessment at level 2 or 3 takes about 30-36 hours of learning and review. The Swiss competency requirements are such that any diploma is only available to those who have completed 160 lessons of training and 12 weeks working on the job. The outcome is that the Swiss certification level requires more practice and understanding of the area of work than the NVQ to qualify for a diploma, which is why Swiss hospitality qualifications are world famous and people with such a qualification are job ready.


The program is modular, so you can take one module and then work immediately. And return for further modules until you have completed the entire diploma program. Modules 1-5 can be taken in any sequence, so you can choose which module you want to take first. Module 6 should be taken at the end. Each module leads to a full Swiss certificate, which is awarded once you have gained a minimum of 3 months’ practice working on the job.

Module 1: English & Customer Service
Module 2: Food & Beverages
Module 3: Front Office / Reception
Module 4: Housekeeping
Module 5: Kitchen & Cooking
Module 6: Butler / Concierge Services

For details of the diploma program, please consult the individual module descriptions or Click Here to download the diploma program brochure.


Interactive workshops, practical simulations, group learning using state-of-the-art innovations in learning, technology support as and where suitable, e.g. smartphone apps and other media, videotaping and reviewing practice sessions, all come together in creating a conducive and stimulating learning environment for our participants. You will not just hear lecturers speaking to you, you will be working with experts who show you how to do the right things in your future jobs. Yes, you will have to acquire essential knowledge, and yes, you will have to demonstrate how to apply this knowledge so you can become a professional in your industry. This will make you confident and successful in your future career.


Option 1: The full diploma program fee, which comes at a discounted introductory rate:

  • Diploma in Hospitality fee: LKR 450,000
  • Certification fee: LKR 15,000.00

Option 2: With the modular approach you complete the Mandatory module plus one Practitioner module to start with and then take additional modules when you like

  • Mandatory Module 1: Hospitality English & Customer Service LKR 60,000.00
  • Practitioner Modules 2-6: LKR 75,000.00 each

Certification fee: Certification is LKR 10,000 per module, and LKR 15,000.00 for the Diploma

  • Pricing is introductory and could change without prior notice
  • The fees do not include taxes and certification fees
  • Certification fees are due on graduation