Diploma in English

Course details

The Department of Language Teaching is dedicated to delivering Diploma in English Course assured by the Pearson UK. It’s a special Couse that is tailor made for Sri Lankan learners. Our priority is enhancing your communication skills in English enabling you to become fluent English Language users in studies, daily life and at work and to obtain internationally recognized Diploma. We use the latest ELT methodology in order to boost the delivery quality of the courses we offer.

The courses focus on the four main skills of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will also learn vocabulary and grammar extensively.


Six (6) Months

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • G.C.E Ordinary Level
  • G.C.E Advanced Level

Course contents

The four skills of speaking, listening reading and writing are taught with an emphasis on speaking. Students are encouraged to practise their English with interactive exercises, puzzles, and games.

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