Diploma in Customer Care Management


The Diploma programme is designed to take the participats beyond the established best practice in the field of Customer Care by delivering cutting edge thought leadership with innovation learning system which will help them to address the challenges in today's competitlve world. The programme will prepare participants for this demanding role by offering a structured and articulated training of customer service.

Entry Requirement

  • Proficiency in English
  • Successful completion of O/L


Depend on requirement

Course Structure

  1. The Characteristics of Customer Service
    • Introduction
    • Who is the customer?
    • What is customer service?
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Service quality
    • Evaluating Customer Service Level
  2. Obtaining and Dealing with Customer Feedback
    • Introduction
    • Communicating
    • Communication Methods
    • Communicacting with customers
    • Customer Feedback
    • Techniques to support Effective Communication
    • Complaints
    • Negotiating
  3. Using Customer Service to Create Competitve Advantages
    • Introduction
    • Customer Loyalty / Retention and Competitive Advantage
    • The Service / Profitability Cycle
    • The Impact of the Wider Environment
    • Macro Environmental Analysis
    • Porter's Five Forces
  4. Internal Influences on Customer Service
    • Introduction
    • The In-House Customer Service Function
    • The Importance of Process in the Customer Service Function
    • Outsourcing the Customer Service Function
    • The Importance of Technology in the Customer Service Function
    • Customer Relationship Management System
    • Personalizing the Customer Experience

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