DevOps Foundation

Organizations are adopting DevOps because of its many advantages and ability to combine continuous software delivery with fast fixes to problems in a stable operating environment. DevOps is a systematic approach that relies on collaborative effort between operations, development, and QA, through the entire lifecycle of a project that leads to continuous improvement and Agility.

Project/product managers or those working on Enterprise Infrastructures, are expected to understand the various DevOps tools and technologies and their use in solving infrastructure issues.

Xebia’s course on DevOps Foundation Certification training will familiarize you with the A to Z of the DevOps framework while simultaneously giving you a solid practical base which will make you ready to apply its principles while on the job. You will also get Exam prep help and support till the time of certification. Successful application of DevOps will help you gain recognition by realizing the organization’s development and business goals.

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