Certificate in Engineering Physics

Students intending to join the Faculties of Engineering and Sciences in Universities often find it
challenging to match the expected competency level during their first year of studies. This
certificate course has been designed to bridge that gap between the A/L and first year in

Program Contents

Year 01

Code Module Credit
Semester 1
- Engineering Physics 04
- Engineering Mathematics I 04
- Waves, Vibrations and Circuit Theory 04
- Physics Practicals I 01
Semester 2
- Modern Physics and Introductory Quantum Mechanics 04
- Modern Optics and Thermodynamics 04
- Engineering Mathematics II 04
- Electromagnetic Theory and Electronics 04
- Physics Practicals II 01

Entry Requirements

Students who have sat for Combined Mathematics and Physics at the GCE (A/L), IGCSE and Cambridge (A/L).


September 2018

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