Certificate In C Language

Course Overview

Aim of the Course

This course provide comprehensive knowledge to understand numerous computer languages that are used for writing computer applications. If you are interested in a career in computer programming, it would be wise to start by learning the C programming language.

The course is designed to provide complete knowledge of C language. Students will be able to develop logics which will help them to create programs, applications in C. Also by learning the basic programming constructs they can easily switch over to any other language in future.

Course Content

Modules/ Units

 Unit - 1: Overview 

 Unit - 2: Data types and Variables 

 Unit - 3: Control Structures 

 Unit - 4: Functions 

 Unit - 5: Arrays 

 Unit - 6: Pointers 

 Unit - 7: Sorting & Searching 

 Unit - 8: Matrices 

 Unit - 9: Iteration & Recursion 

 Unit - 10: File Handling 

Fee And Duration

 Full Time

3 Months (Weekdays) 

 Part Time

4 Months (Weekends) 

 Course Fee

Rs. 16000/= (Payable in Installments)