Certificate Course in Statistical Analysis using Software Packages



  1. This course will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge on Statistical tools used in Statistical and Data Analysis
  2. It will also let you learn how to use statistical analysis in risk assessment in different business processes
  3. You will be introduce to different software packages that are used in statistical analysis (Microsoft EXCEL, SPSS and Open Source Softwares)
  4. You will learn how to use the above mentioned software packages in statistical analysis

Syllabus / Content

  1. Basic Statistical tools
    1. Mean
    2. Median
    3. Mode
    4. Standard deviation
    5. Variance
    6. Quartiles
    7. Coefficient of Variation
    8. Using software packages to find these values
  2. Skewness, moments and kurtosis
  3. Correlation analysis
  4. Regression analysis
  5. Partial and multiple Correlation and regression Analysis
  6. Time series and Forecasting
  7. Probability
    1. Random variables
    2. Mathematical expectation
  8. Probability distributions
    1. Binomial distribution
    2. Poisson distribution
    3. Normal distribution
    4. How probability distributions can be used in real life problems
  9. Sampling
    1. Theory of estimation
    2. Hypothesis testing
  10. Analysis of Variance(ANOVA)
  11. Statistical decision theory
  12. Statistical quality control
  13. Introduction to Statistical Softwares( EXCEL, SPSS and other open source Softwares)
  14. Using Softwares to find above mentioned statistical quantities and interpreting their results

Entry Requirements

Sat for O/L or employed in a statistics related field

Target Audience

  • Employees who are working in statistical analysis
  • Entrepreneurs who wants to gain knowledge in Statistical analysis for decision making and risk assessment
  • Employees who wants to learn statistical software packages
  • People who are interested in using statistical analysis in their decision making

Fee & Funding

LKR 31,000/-

Course Director(s)

O.K.G.C Weerasekara

Lectures & Practicals

Sunday 9am - 4pm