Certificate Course in Python Programming


Python is a high level, open-source language having a simple syntax. This course will provide introduction to the Python programming language for participants without prior programming experience. After completing this course participants will be able to use Python language fundamentals in their programming and also the Pandas framework which provides a set of power full data analysis tools.

Syllabus / Content

  1. Introduction to Python programming
  2. Variables and expressions.
  3. Conditions
  4. Data types.
  5. Loops.
  6. Functions
  7. Classes
  8. Exceptions.
  9. File input output
  10. Regular expressions.
  11. Python for data science- Python pandas framework

Entry Requirements

Those who are interested in learning Python language specially for the beginners and who are in to research

Fee & Funding

LKR 26,000/-



Lectures & Practicals

Monday and Friday (5.00pm -7.00pm)