Certificate Course in Mobile Application Development (for android)


Learn the basics of developing application software for small wireless hand held devices such as Smartphones, Tablests, etc..

Syllabus / Content

  1. Introduction to Mobile Application Development
  2. Introduction to Android
  3. Android Application Development Overview (Eclipse, ADT, SDK etc)
  4. Android Application Components, Packaging and Building Blocks
  5. Building and Running Applications Using Emulator/AVD
  6. Android User Interfaces, UI Components, Layouts, Styles & Themes
  7. Using File System, SD Cards
  8. Android Debugging and DDMS
  9. Android Menus & Dialogs
  10. Android Database Persistence using SQLite

Entry Requirements

Individuals who have covered basic java application development concepts


Lectures / Demonstrations / Assignments/Practicals

Course Director(s)

Mr. O.K G C Weerasekara

Lectures & Practicals

9.00h - 4.00h