Why Study This Course?

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a professional qualification accredited by Cisco for network professionals. This course teaches you to network, operate and troubleshoot complex networks and systems.


You can get two certifications from our course:

  • Academy Certification: Upon completion of the CCNA course in the Cisco Networking Academy program, you’ll be awarded an academic certification.
  • Industry Certification: This can be taken in any Pearson VUE authorized testing center. The cost will be paid by the student.

Entry Requirements

You’ll be required to have:

  • a reading-age level of 15
  • basic computer literacy and awareness of the internet
  • prior experience with computer hardware, cabling, binary math and basic electronics (this is desired, but not required)

You’re also required to have a Windows-based PC or laptop with internet connection if you want to study the material outside of the University premises.

Course Structure

Semesters one through four of the Cisco Networking Academy Program (CNAP) are equivalent to 280 hours of instruction. If you successfully complete this portion of the program, you’re fully prepared to earn the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification.

New Topics added in latest CCNA R&S V3.0 200-125

Cisco launched new version of CCNA R&S certification that is CCNA R&S V3.0 and the exam code has been updated from 200-120 to 200-125, In the new version of CCNA R&S certification syllabus, Cisco has added and removed some topics from the old syllabus.

Topics Added

    • VPN (Virtual Private Network) – site to site vpn and DM vpn majority.
    • Introduction and configuration of IPV6 Routing
    • Basics of QOS (Quality of Service)
    • Basics of cloud computing and SDN technologies?

More About This Course

Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA is the associate level certification in networking offered by Cisco Systems. CCNA routing and switching covers basics of Cisco Networking and routing switching technologies along with ip addressing schemes,routing basics,switching and wan technologies. After completion of CCNA course, a candidate can easily install, configure and troubleshoot Cisco routers and switches for medium sized networks. After completing of CCNA R&S V3.0 200-125 Certification you can go for higher level of Cisco course like CCNP R&S, to further strengthen your routing and switching skills.

We are the Best Institute for Cisco CCNA Course Training in Sri Lanka, ATN Campus provides Cisco network engineering on real Cisco devices (Routers and Switches), with the 7 days lab facility. In order to prepare for latest CCNA R&S V3.0 certification online exam conducted by Cisco.

Course Outline / Syllabus CCNA R&S Certification Exam 200-125

  • Describe the purpose and basic operation of protocols in OSI and TCP/IP Models and determining the data flow amongst two different hosts with in a network.
  • Installing configuring and troubleshooting basic networking hardware routers ( 1841,2611xm,2801,2811) and switches (2950,2960,3550,3750 Series) Concepts Like IOS installation password recovery, and hardware up-gradations to be covered.
  • Understanding,configuring and troubleshooting basic concepts of layer 2 switching and predicting the data flow.
  • Understanding configuring and troubleshooting STP,VLANS,CAM and Ether Channels.
  • Understanding configuring and troubleshooting layer 3 addressing routing protocols for IPV4 and IPV6 (Subnetting and Summarization)
  • Understanding,configuring and troubleshooting routing protocols for IPV4 and IPV6.Topics like OSPF (Single and multi-area) and EIGRP (load balancing,equal and unequal lave covered.
  • Introduction to wan getting fimiliar with wan protocol and devices,Understanding,Configuring and Troubleshooting layer 3 protocols like frame relay,HDLC,PPP,NAT,etc. Introduction to MPLS.
  • Understanding IP Services like DHCP,SNMP,NETFLOW,FHRP,NTP.
  • Understanding configuring and trobleshooting layer 2 security,layer 3 security that is ACL (standerd,extended,named) SSH and secret password.

Why Should We Follow CISCO Certification?

  • CISCO Certified Professionals are amongst the HIGHEST PAID IT Professionals in the world
  • Cisco certifications validate skills in networking, one of the fastest growing and most versatile IT domains
  • According to a Fairfield Research Survey, CCNA certification gives an average a 16.7% salary increase
  • LOWEST COURSE FEE RATE when comparing to the other Professional Qualifications

Great opportunity for you. In today’s modern world to make your life a successful one you MUST do some kind of a job. The course and path you choose give followings;

  • Highest recognition worldwide
  • Lowest fee (cost)
  • Shortest duration