Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test)

Course Details

TKT is a series of internationally recognised modular teaching qualifications, which test your knowledge in a specific area of English language teaching. The qualifications are awarded by Cambridge English, part of the University of Cambridge. As such, they are highly respected across the world as international qualifications that prove your knowledge and skills for language-teaching. You can pursue TKT regardless of your background: Whether you are an experienced teacher or an aspiring teacher, the qualifications will enable you to gain recognition for both career advancement and new employment.

With TKT, you show employers that you:

  • Are familiar with different teaching methodologies.
  • Know how to use teaching resources effectively.
  • Understand key aspects of lesson planning.
  • Can use different classroom management methods for different needs.

Gateway Graduate School (GGS), in collaboration with our sister organisation Skills for Life, will provide training support and assessments for the first three modules of TKT. As such, our students can sit for the examinations in-house.


The duration will be three (3) months of part-time studies; the training period for each of the three modules is one (1) month.
There will be three (3) intakes per year: February, July and October.


There are no formal entry requirements for the TKT programme. However, you are expected by Cambridge English to have proficiency in English language at CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference Languages) Level B1 and above. Please refer to the following web link of Cambridge English to obtain an understanding of ‘International Language Standards’:


Upon the successful completion of each of the three Modules of the TKT series, you will be awarded certificates by Cambridge English, part of the University of Cambridge. The qualifications are globally recognised, accepted in over 60 countries (