Butler / Concierge Diploma Program


160 lessons

Target Audience:

Individuals who wish to take on the active role of a butler or concierge in a hotel business.

Training and development:

Butlering is the classic and most demanding customer service, where the butler or concierge develops a trust relationship with the guest and executes the guest´s requests competently. There is a whole range of activities relating to this role, from organizing and planning a day with guest arrivals, to booking restaurants or excursions and theatre tickets for the guest, to personally attending to food and drink requirements, besides organizing the guest laundry – in some instances even packing the guest´s bag so items are not wrinkled on arrival, depending on the type of hotel you work for. Understanding the customer well and finding solutions for a customer´s needs make this role the most demanding in the hotel. This program will enable you to fill the role. Participants will have attained NVQ level 4 capability by the end of the program.


  • Butler and concierge services in a hotel operation
  • Understanding the role and guest expectations of butlers and concierges
  • Learn how to organize yourself and deal with multiple guest queries and duties
  • Communicating with guests – English for butlers and concierges
  • Preparing for guests, their arrival and documenting their requirements
  • How to empathize with guests and identify their needs and be discreet
  • Introducing guests to hotel facilities
  • Know how to prepare guest facilities prior to arrival
  • Communicating and planning guest arrivals and departures with Front Office
  • Collaborating with other departments on behalf of guests
  • Attending to guest luggage, clothing and laundry needs
  • Know how to satisfy guest special needs as organizing tickets and tours, making suggestions for sightseeing and shopping, restaurants
  • Know the inventory of butler services and how to become proficient in handling them
  • Understand how to handle complaints and deal with service recovery
  • Best practices


There is a final assessment at the end of the course, consisting of simulating a butler dealing with guests. To receive your diploma, you need to spend 3 months doing practical work as a butler or concierge in a hotel.

Qualification: Swiss Certified Butler / Concierge, Diploma in Butler Services

Entry requirements

  • Completion of either O levels or A levels
  • Minimum age: 16 years
  • English & Customer Service for Hospitality Diploma

Course Fee: LKR 75,000.00

  • Pricing is introductory and could change without prior notice
  • The fees do not include taxes and certification fees
  • Certification fee is LKR 10,000 per module, certification fees are due on graduation