BTEC HND in Biomedical Science


Higher National Diploma popularly known as BTEC HND is a flagship qualification of Edexcel . HNDs are offered in over 9 major disciplines. These are 16 Unit qualifications and can be completed though approved centres of Edexcel .

It is a Pre-degree or Vocational Qualification awarded by Edexcel of UK. Successful completion of this BTEC HND from Edexcel guarantees a placement in either second or third year in any university or college in the UK or elsewhere. 

For those who are successful at A-Level, it is an ideal path to aim for a degree or to be armed with an internationally recognized qualification which will pave the way for a highly-paid job in a selected field. 
It provides the right balance between knowledge and skills. Students who take BTEC HNC/HND can get better and more profitable employment options at the end of the course as well as opportunities for higher Education (Bachelor of Science Degree) whereby he/she can aim for even better job options. 
Whatever country in the world you choose to study this course, the end product will be the same, that is, it is recognized worldwide for employment and by universities for degree Education with 1-2 years exemption. 
BTEC HND is a unique and universally recognized qualification that discerning employers throughout the world look for to provide employment. Its features are:
  • Ready admission to any University in UK or elsewhere
  • Recognition by professional bodies
  • Continuous assessment through practical activities and assignments
  • Modular Qualification Structure which means successful achievement of individual modules to be recognized as building towards the whole qualification
  • Development of transferable skills
  • Quality assured programme of study
  • Recognition of previous experience
  • An internationally recognized qualification at all levels of ability
HND in Bomedical Science subject areas include many topics Physiology, Pharmocology, Chemistry, Genetics offering a balance of practical skills and theory. 

Edexcel International

One of the three major awarding bodies in UK , it is a vital and innovative force in education and training. Edexcel was formed in 1996 by the merger of two of the leading examination and assessment boards in the UK : the Business and Technology Council (BTEC) which offered widely recognised vocational qualifications and, the University of London Examinations and Assessment Council (ULEAC). 

This amalgamation made Edexcel the first awarding body for both academic and vocational qualifications. 

They offer qualifications in a vast range of subjects that offer breadth and depth of knowledge and which are welcomed by universities and employers alike. 
Each of their qualifications have been developed in consultation with the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, and will certify you for success in the modern and changing world.

HND in Sri Lanka ? A Comparison



In United Kingdom In Sri Lanka


24 Months

16-18 Months

Entry Requirements

GCE A/L with Acceptable score in IELTS/ TOEFL Cumbersome and strict visa procedures

3 simple passes in Advance Level biology strean


Course Fee

£ 10,000 + additional fees for English courses 

Only £ 2800 (Approximately Rs . 500,000.00)

Living Expenses

£ 10,000















  • En effective English Syllabus has been incorporated
  • You can rest assured of obtaining the visa for any country (UK, Canada ,  Australia or New Zealand) presenting admission documents of a university for BSc
  • You can self-finance your degree education as you will land a job there with your BTEC HND awarded in Sri Lanka for a handsome salary
  • Well Qualified academic with experience
  • Fully air conditioned and a better environment
  • Easy payment system to suit your needs

Programme Structure

It is 16 modules- 4 semester programme. To receive HND, the student should complete all 16modules successfully.

BTEC HND in Biomedical Science

Biomedical Science examines the use of biological applications in the fields of medicine. It gives the knowledge about application of biological science in vast areas and it includes the application of new technology for disease diagnosis, developing new medicines and other technical knowledge which requires in many of the medical and industrial researches. It provides the students with the practical knowledge which is much require and related in the field with the appropriate theoretical knowledge.

Modules Covered

Year 1:                        Semester 1: 

  • Cell Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Human Physiology
  • Laboratory techniques

 Year 1:                       Semester 2 

  • Molecular Biology & Genetics
  • Medical Microbiology
  • Chemistry for Biology
  • Analysis of Scientific Information& Data


Year 2:                                    Semester 3: 

  • Pharmacology
  • Pathology laboratory Management
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Infectious disease


Year 2:                                    Semester 4:

  • Histology &Hematology
  • Immunology
  • Quality assurance & Quality Control
  • Project


The focus of HND is on practical knowledge; all units are evaluated through continuous assignments and assessments, projects built into the programme and tests for authentication of knowledge gained. 

Tests and assignments are set up and evaluated by BCAS (approved centres of Edexcel ) within the framework provided by Edexcel . It is done not only to evaluate the Academic skills of the candidates but also incorporate the necessary arrangements to evaluate the ability and achievement of the common skills areas of the students. Common skills are an integral part of Edexcel philosophy. 

Assignments, tests and their assessments are audited by Edexcel's External Verifiers continuously to maintain standards. 
Edexcel has a strong quality assurance system which includes Quality Audit, External Verification and regular visits to the centers by UK and regional staff.

Entry Requirements

  •  Three simple passes at GCE (A/L) in the Biology scheme including  Credit Pass in English at GCE (O/L)

Award (Diploma)

At the end of successful completion of all units you will be awarded (Conditions apply) with BTEC Higher National Diploma in Biomedical Science from Edexcel UK .

If the students complete only part of the programme , then he/she will be awarded with Higher National certificate (completing minimum 10 modules, conditions apply) 

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