BSc (Hons) in Engineering in Electronics and Power Systems


This programme, consisted of Engineering Science, Physics and Math courses, prepare students for employment as Electrical or Electronic engineers. Candidates can specialize in several areas of electronics, digital signal processing, electromechanical systems, wireless components and systems.

The B.Sc. Hons. (Eng.) graduate, after specialization in Electronic and Power Engineering, will have a high level of up-to-date technical expertise in electronics and power engineering. The graduate will be capable of producing engineering designs that are innovative, based on sound principals, sustainable, environmentally sound, and adhering to the ethical guidelines.

Career Opportunities

  • Electrical engineer
  • Electronic engineer
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Electromechanical systems
  • Wireless components and systems

Eligibility Criteria

The entry requirement is a minimum of 3 ordinary passes (S) in approved subjects in the Physical Science stream at GCE A/L Examinations in one and the same sitting and a minimum mark of 30% for the Common General Paper.

Course Contents:


MA1101 Engineering Mathematics 3
EE1101 Circuit Analysis I 3
EE1102 Digital Electronics I 3
EE1103 Electronic Engineering Laboratory I 1
CE1101 Programming Fundamentals 3
ME1101 Engineering Physics 3
CM1101 English 4


MA1201 Differential Equations 2
MA1202 Linear Algebra 2
EE1201 Circuit Analysis II 3
EE1202 Analog Electronics I 3
EE1203 Physical Electronics 2
EE1204 Electronic Engineering Laboratory II 1
EM1201 Introduction to Management 2
EM1202 Introduction to Accounting 2
CM1201 Introduction to Technical Communication 3


MA2101 Advanced Calculus 2
MA2102 Numerical Methods 2
EE2101 Signals and Systems 3
EE2102 Electronic Engineering Laboratory III 1
EE2301 Engineering Design Project** 4
PE2101 Electrical Power and Machines 3


MA2201 Probability and Statistics 2
EE2201 Analog Electronics II 3
EE2202 Electromagnetism 3
EE2203 Electronic Engineering Laboratory IV 1
EE2204 Digital Electronics II 3
EE2301 Engineering Design Project** 0
EM2201 Human Resource Management 2
IT2401 Industrial Training I 2


MA3101 Discrete Mathematics 2
MA3102 Operations Research 2
EE3101 Digital Signal Processing and Filter Design 3
EE3102 Power Electronics 3
PE3101 Introduction to Power Systems 3
ME3101 Mechanics of Machines 3


EE3201 Control Systems 3
EE3202 Embedded System Design 3
EE3203 Electronic Instrumentation 3
PE3201 Electrical Machines and Drives 3
IT3401 Industrial Training II 3


EE4101 Electronic Devices 2
PE4101 Power and Machines Laboratory 1
PE4102 Power Systems Control and Protection 3
PE4301 Electronic & Power System Research Project** 8
EM4102 Project Management 2
EM4104 Industrial Law 2


EE4201 Digital System Design 3
EE4202 Integrated Electronics 2
PE4201 High Voltage Engineering 3
PE4301 Electronic & Power System Research Project** 0