BSc Hons. Eng. (Civil Engineering)


Civil Engineering; a “People serving profession” and is regarded as one of the oldest professions in the world. More than 2500 years old remaining of the great civilizations in ancient ruined cities, Sky-high Stupas, Gigantic water tanks, complex irrigation systems, are some of the living examples of our great Civil Engineering Ancestors. Following the tradition, even today, Civil Engineers contribute their knowledge and expertise in creating better living environments for people, which includes the whole infrastructure setup we use to build environments, roads, expressways, railways, air-ports, ports and harbors, bridges, dams, canals, irrigation systems, etc.

This is a four year full-time degree program offered by Sri Lanka Technological Campus. The curriculum is prepared according to the “Outcome Based Education (OBE)” principles considering the IESL guidelines and many reputed local and international civil engineering curriculums with subjects covering the whole spectrum of Civil Engineering, including Structural, Geotechnical, Hydraulics, Environmental and Transportation Engineering subjects. In addition, the subjects are carefully aligned and spread over the 8 academic semesters, in a way that even a student with basic entry requirements can be moulded into an “industry-ready” Civil Engineer who can take up any challenge. Eminent, highly qualified permanent and visiting lecturers with industry experience and state of the art lab facilities will help students gather all relevant knowledge and be equipped with the knowledge on latest design and analytical software tools.

Career Opportunities

  • Civil engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Geotechnical
  • Hydraulics
  • Environmental and Transportation Engineering

Eligibility Criteria

The entry requirement is a minimum of 3 ordinary passes (S) in approved subjects in the Physical Science stream at GCE A/L Examinations in one and the same sitting and a minimum mark of 30% for the Common General Paper.

Course Contents:


ME140 Mechanics 3
IS1301 Calculus I 3
ME150 Introduction to Computers & Programming 3
CE1301 Engineering Drawing 3
IS1302 English Communication Skills I 2
CE1302 Chemistry 3


ME240 Electromagnetism & Optics I 3
IS2303 Calculus II 3
CE2303 Material Science 3
CE2304 Strength of Materials 3
CE2305 Soil Mechanics 3
IS2304 English Communication Skills II 2


IS3305 Calculus III 3
IS3306 Linear Algebra 3
CE3307 Fluid Mechanics 3
CE3308 Structural Analysis I 3
CE3309 Surveying 3
ME330 Engineering Mechanics 3


IS4307 Probability & Statistics 3
IS4308 Humanities 3
IS4309 Numerical Methods 3
CE4311 Structural Analysis II 3
CE4312 Applied Mathematics Laboratory 1
CE4313 Hydrology 3
CE4314 Geotechnical Engineering 3
Term A: Industrial Training
CEA301 Industrial Training Phase I


CE5315 Design of Steel Structures 3
CE5316 Hydraulic Engineering 3
CE5317 Introduction to Transportation 3
IS5310 Engineering Economics 3
CE5318 Fundamentals of Environmental 3
CE5319 Technical Writing 2
Term B: Non GPA Modules
ISB211 Management Accounting
ISB212 Human Recourse Management & Industrial Relations*
ISB213 Marketing & Financial Management
ISB214 Principles of Innovation & Entrepreneurship*
ISB215 Organizational Behavior & Management
ISB216 Consumer & Industrial Marketing*
ISB217 Marketing Communication*


CE6320 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures 3
CE6321 Highway Engineering Design 3
CE6322 Project Scheduling in Construction 3
CE6323 Water & Waste Water Engineering 3
CE6324 Geotechnical Engineering Design & Construction 3
CE6325 Irrigation Engineering 3
Term C: Industrial Training
CEC301 Industrial Training Phase II


CE7326 Coastal Engineering & Management 3
CE7327 Environmental Engineering Design 3
CE7328 Computer Analysis of Structures 3
CE7329 Construction Technology 3
CE7330 Building Services Engineering 3
Technical Elective I
CE7331 Finite Element Methods 3
CE7332 Contract Administration & Industrial law 3
CE7333 Highway Construction & Maintenance 3
CE7334 Remote Sensing & GIS 3
Term D: Non GPA Modules
ISD218 Government & Politics of Sri Lanka
ISD219 Introduction to Digital Arts
ISD220 Business Law*
ISD221 Rural Economic Development & Technology*
ISD222 Cinema & Television*
ISD223 Introduction to Music*
ISD224 Meditation & Yoga*


CE8335 Comprehensive Design Project 3
CE8436 Research Project 4
Technical Elective II
CE8337 Design of Multi Story Buildings* 3
CE8338 Construction Planning and Cost Estimation Processes* 3
CE8339 Advanced Structural Analysis & Design* 3
CE8340 Bridge Engineering* 3
Technical Elective III
CE8341 Traffic Engineering & Design* 3
CE8342 Computational Geotechnics* 3
CE8343 Disaster Risk Management and Mitigation* 3
CE8344 Geo Environmental Engineering* 3
Technical Elective IV
CE8345 Rural Water Supply & Sanitation* 3
CE8346 Water Resources Engineering* 3
CE8347 Environmental Hydraulics & Modelling* 3
CE8348 Open Channel Hydraulics* 3