BSc (Honours) Business Communication

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University of Plymouth - United Kingdom

Business Communication has always been the crux of any organization as it deals with the transmitting and receiving of information pertaining to all business situations. An area once taken for granted by the business world, Business Communication has now gained momentum with renewed force with the recognition that Communication is the “life-blood” of an organization.

Key Features

  • This programme has been streamlined to encompass Business Management and the necessary tools for Business Communication in modern-day business circles.
  • It strives to give all its students a thorough knowledge as well as the practical professional skills required to steer management through effective communication techniques.
  • Through its curriculum, students are guided to be highly motivated candidates with the ability to think on their feet and communicate effectively in any business setting.
  • Further, this degree, with its wide skill set in both Business Management and Communication, making it an almost interdisciplinary major, opens up a broad scope in terms of employability for all its participants.

Program Contents


Full Time

  • English for Academic Purposes
  • World of Business
  • Personal Development
  • Culture and Society
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Introduction to Marketing


Full Time

  • Business Communication
  • Business Ethics
  • Advertising Brand Management and Marketing Communication
  • Managing People
  • Digital Marketing
  • International Business


Full Time

  • Corporate Strategy
  • International Marketing
  • English for Global Communication
  • English for Professional Practice
  • Public Relations
  • Organisational Leadership

Entry Requirements

  • GCE Advanced Level (New Syllabus) - Passes for 3 subjects including a Credit for General English

Fee & Funding

For Local Students:

  • Year 1 : LKR 600,000
  • Year 2 : LKR 500,000
  • Year 3 : LKR 500,000
  • Registration Fee : LKR 10,000
  • Library Fee : LKR 5,000

For International Students:

  • Year 1: US$ 7,500
  • Year 2: US$ 6,250
  • Year 3: US$ 6,250
  • Registration Fee : US$ 125
  • Library Fee : US$ 63

Key Personnel

Programme Director

Mr. Sulakshana De Alwis

Phone: 011 544 5100

Email: [email protected]