British English Programme

Objectives of The Training

  • Advance grammar
  • CV writing and career management
  • Interview skills and facing interviews (audio visual help)
  • Business presentation with audio visual aids
  • Correct use of punctuation marks
  • Business meeting, chairing the meeting & minutes of the meeting
  • Business vocabulary
  • Business report writing /report analysis /executive summary
  • Business etiquettes /social etiquettes /table etiquettes
  • Personality development/work place competencies
  • Public speaking /group discussion (audio visual help)
  • Project theses writing
  • Improve email writing / replying
  • Telephone etiquette

Learning Outcome

  • At the end of the programme the participants will improve their overall language proficiency by minimum of 1-2 band scores. (our assessment criteria is similar to Cambridge university English assessment band score)

Resources & materials to be used

  • Participants Hand Book
  • Audio/Visual Training Materials
  • Interim Lesson Tutorial Soft Copies
  • E-Notes & E Books

Training approach

  • Classroom Based
  • Team Activities / Role Play /Presentations
  • Language Learning Activities
  • Practical / Real Life Communication Training
  • Class Work and Homework Assignment Basis
  • Tongue Twisters

British English Programme

Course details:

Duration          3 months

Course fee       LKR 35,000

Time          Once a week class