BMgt Hons. Marketing


Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) in Marketing will cater to those aspire to become professional global marketers and who are interested in strategic marketing management, or in other aspects of marketing such as market research, product development, brand management, integrated marketing communications and retailing.

Marketing is considered as the heart and soul of commercial activity and in most profit intended businesses. Due to its vast importance within the business world, the basic objective of our degree program is to develop superior marketing professionals, instilled with creativity and up-to-date thinking. The marketing degree will instill necessary skills and competencies in our students that will enable them to work in any industry presently existing.

An academic team with local and foreign exposure will deliver broader knowledge in marketing. The people attached to the department will share their experiences with students by delivering theoretical knowledge and engaging in field projects and sharing real-life case studies.

You are required to obtain a minimum of 60 credits (half of your studies) within the core subject area of Marketing, in order to graduate with a BBM in Marketing.

Career Opportunities

By the time you graduate, you will not only understand the theoretical aspects of effective marketing, but will also possess a range of practical professional skills. Upon completion of our degree program, you will be provided with work opportunities as marketers in a multitude of related fields including retailing, advertising, branding, consulting, marketing research, and international marketing.