BMgt Hons. Accounting and Finance


Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) in Accounting and Finance degree programme will enhance your knowledge on how organizations finance their activities and how they keep track of what happens to their money. Our curriculum has been designed to meet the objectives of students who are willing to seek a career in the functional discipline of Accounting and Finance. It aims at creating knowledgeable and skilled graduates with positive attitudes for employment in Accounting and Finance-based positions across multiple sectors. BBM Accounting and Finance Degree holders will be granted exemptions by local and international professional accounting bodies, enabling them to pursue professional careers in Accounting and Finance, whilst holding a sound academic qualification.

In addition to an in-depth theoretical and a practical understanding of issues in Accounting and Finance, students will also develop important skills in the areas of information technology, and communication, whilst the importance of maintaining high ethical and professional standards will be emphasized.

To graduate with BBM in Accounting and Finance, you need to obtain a minimum of 30 credits of third-year options and along with 30 credits of final-year options (half of your studies) from the accounting and finance subject areas.

Career Opportunities

This degree will prepare you for a career in professional accountancy, investment banking, investment analysis and management, management consultancy and financial management, and will also create a foundation for advanced academic studies in these professional disciplines. This degree, will help you to question and analyze information, develop arguments, and boost your analytical and communication skills – all of which are valued in management roles in the global employment market.