Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management (Honours)


Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) in Tourism and Hospitality Management consists of eight semesters. In the first two semesters, students are given fundamental knowledge on Management, and Tourism and Hospitality Industry. From the second year onwards, it aims to develop industry related skills, competencies and the right attitudes, which will be essential for career progression within the industry. In order to give a practical exposure to the tourism and hospitality business scenario, the curriculum will integrate internships within the fourth year, and students are required to undergo an eight-credited Industrial Training during the second semester of the final year.

Within the program you will learn about issues associated with the travel and tourism industry, such as visitor attractions, tour operators, travel agencies, transportation for tourism, and government tourism initiatives, etc. The students will be encouraged to develop a strategic approach to this ever-evolving business, economic and social demands within the industry. We will utilize a unique combination of practical exposure and theoretical teaching concepts that will develop a work-ready graduate

SLTC will endeavor to provide unique opportunities to its graduates through the strong industry links is possesses. These will include guest lectures from leading industry practitioners, industry mentoring programmes, and work placements. Strong, industry related management capabilities and skills that will be instilled in the students, they will be able to obtain gainful employment within the industry, locally as well as internationally.