Bachelor of Science (Hons) Architecture

The complete study of Architecture requires 5 years of full-time Architectural education. The SLIIT School of Architecture offers the complete pathway in 2 stages: the three-year full-time Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture followed by a recommended placement year, leading onto the 2-year Master’s Degree in Architecture.

Upon the successful completion of two years of the SLIIT Architecture programm, students will be eligible to progress to the third year, the B.Sc.(Honours) Degree in Architecture, awarded by the University of Liverpool John Moores in the United Kingdom.

Students will be based at the SLIIT School of Architecture, in the Faculty of Engineering, at SLIIT Malabe campus, to gain an internal degree from Liverpool John Moores, UK. The first two years of study at SLIIT aims to provide students with an inclusive understanding of the cultural and traditional context of architectural design in Sri Lanka. The third (and final), year of study collaborates with the University of Liverpool John Moores, to introduce the global dynamic of the degree, imparting the international awareness needed to provide students with a comprehensive education in becoming truly global graduates of Architecture.

The degree will cover subject areas ranging from Architectural Design, History and Theory of Architecture, Culture and Society, Environment, Urbanism, CAD and freehand drawing, to Construction Technology & Professional Practice. This BSc (Hons) Degree in Architecture is recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Sri Lanka, opening opportunities to pursue postgraduate studies in related fields at government universities. This will be a firm foundation that paves the way to a number of other interesting postgraduate programs and professions. Urban Design, Town and Country planning, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Archeology, Conservation and project management are some of the area to which BSc (Hons) Architecture graduates can divert into, apart from a professional carrier in Architecture.

Program Contents

ModYear 01ule
Architectural Design: Design Studio 1
Architectural Design: Design Studio 2
Architectural Design: Experiencing Architecture and Documentation
Culture and Society: Sri Lankan Studies
Culture and Society: History of World Art and Architecture
Culture and Society: Social Studies
Culture and Society: History of Sri Lankan & Asian Art and Architecture
Environment: Nature Studies
Environment: Climate and Comfort
Construction Technology: Building Technology
Construction Technology: Structures 1
Visual Communications: Free Hand Drawing
Visual Communications: Colour and Graphics
Research and Communication: English

Year 02

Architectural Design: Design Studio 3
Architectural Design: Design Studio 4
Architectural Design: Theory of Architecture and Design 1
Architectural Design: Theory of Architecture and Design 2
Culture and Society: Urban Studies and Planning 1
Culture and Society: Urban Studies and Planning 2
Environment: Site and Planning
Environment: Lighting and Acoustics
Construction Technology: Structures 2
Construction Technology: Building Services
Construction Technology: Building Construction
Profession and Practice: Building Regulations and law
Visual Communications: CAD 1
Visual Communications: CAD 2

Year 03

History and Theory 3
Architectural Design 5
Comprehensive Design Project
Technology and Practice 3

Entry Requirements

Eligibility for the programm are as follows:

  • GCE Advance Level (Local) - 3 passes in any stream. (Preferably in the Biology, Mathematics or Engineering Technology)
  • GCE Advance Level (Edexcel / Cambridge) - 3 passes and meet the required 5 points*

Compulsory “C”passes in Mathematics and English at the GCE Ordinary Level (Local / London)

Successful candidates will be selected through an aptitude test (followed by an interview if required) conducted by the SLIIT School of Architecture at the SLIIT Malabe Campus.

*Note: For any other qualification, please contact us:



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