Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

Undertaking a BBA will give you a thorough preparation for business life. The aim is competence in the management of money, people, products and markets. We start with a broad coverage of the academic disciplines that underpin business. You have the opportunity to apply these academic principles within the context of a mixture of core and optional subjects that will focus on subjects such as diversity and corporate governance. This wide range of skills is necessary in today’s competitive workplace, so as a graduate it will be great advantage.

Employers like people with these sorts of degrees as the BBA influences our everyday lives. For example, everything is an organization and organizations need marketing, finance, human resources and people.All of which you will be studying on this degree. This opens up many opportunities for you to gain employment in any of these areas.

One of the challenges of a degree in Business lies in its breadth. One moment you will be analyzing a set of company accounts, the next you will be speculating about an economy. Running a statistics package on the computer may be followed by a look at different forms of organizational structure. The course is designed to make you into an all-rounder who can cope with the many challenges of a career in business.

Another important challenge is the relationship of theory and practice. You will be equipped with knowledge which will both be applicable early in your career and form the basis for longer term personal development. Not only that, but this knowledge is interesting and relevant to your career and life. For example, why did the dotcom stock market bubble burst? Are house prices going to collapse this decade? So, with your BBA degree you could be the one being quoted in the newspaper or interviewed on the television.

Program Contents

Year 01

Learning and Study Skills
Principles of Management
Business Mathematics
Information Technology for Business
English Language Skills 1
Principles of Marketing
Financial Accounting
Legal & Political Environment in Business
Human Resources Management
English Language Skills 11

Year 02

Personal Development Planning
Organizational Behavior
Management Accounting
Business Statistics
Business Communication
Leadership and Teamwork
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Business Information Systems
Financial Management
Operations Research
Bridging Module: Research Methods

Year 03

Strategic Management
Innovation & Creativity for Business
Researching and Developing a Business Plan for a New Venture
Project Management
Social Enterprise
Diversity Management
Lean Six Sigma
Environment Management
Corporate Governance & Finance

Entry Requirements

Eligibility for the program are as follows:

  • GCE Advanced Level (Local) - 3 Passes in any Stream
  • G.C.E. Advance Level (Edexcel / Cambridge) - 3 passes and meet the required 5 points*
  • A pass in the Aptitude Test conducted by SLIIT

Students may also apply with pending Advanced Level Result
(The standard entry route for the program will be from the SLIIT Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Administration and successful completion bridging module.)