BA (Hons) Creative Multimedia

The BA (Hons) Creative Multimedia degree is a career-oriented program. Hence the program places great emphasis on Course Work and the use of real industry client briefs. 
As students progress, they will develop a portfolio of work while adopting a work culture that will prepare them for immediate employment in the key areas of this growing industry.

Syllabus / Content

First Year

You must follow bellow programme for the first year of the Degree,


Advanced Diploma in Advertising and Multimedia


Second Year

  • Multimedia Imagine 1
  • Animation Studies 2
  • Web Design 1
  • 3D Design 1
  • Video Production 1
  • Multimedia Imagine 2
  • Video Production 2
  • Web Design 2
  • 3D Design 2
  • Research Methodology
  • Multimedia Project Management


Third Year

  • Interactive Design
  • Dissertation for Multimedia 
  • Visual Effects Production
  • Internship
  • Final Project
  • Professional Studies
  • Enterpreneurship
  • Media Law

Entry Requirements

Successfully Completed the Advanced Diploma in Advertising and Multimedia (ADAM) Program at NIBM.

Fee & Funding

First Year : LKR 142,000/- + LKR 2,000(Reg)
Secondand Third Year : LKR 800,000/- + LKR 3,000(Reg)

Student loan facilities are available from BOCNSB & NDB banks.
Send us an inquiry to ask about payment plans and loan facilities.
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Lectures/ Practical/ In Class Assignments / Course Works

Course Director(s)

Ms.R L De Zoysa

Lectures & Practicals

Week ends (Saturday and Sunday)