BA (Hons) Business Administration (Top Up)

Ba (Hons) Business Administration (Top Up)

This is a one-year top-up course for students who have a Foundation degree or HND equivalent. This final year course provides students who want to develop their management and business-planning knowledge and skills with an advanced, practical business education. It supports entry and progression in management careers in industry, commerce or the public sector and provides access to Masters and professional courses in specific are as such as Finance, HRM and marketing.

The course aims to deliver conceptual propositions and skills related to:
?    a range of business models, ideas and managerial techniques
?    a number of management theories relevant to different functions of the business
?    a range of suitable examples and contexts to assist you in operating in different business environments

A significant emphasis of the approach taken seeks to provide for your individual needs helping you to derive maximum benefit from teaching and learning situations by utilising self-development learning and reflection techniques.

Transferable key skills are explicitly assimilated into individual unit syllabuses and the various forms of summative and formative assessments undertaken throughout the course help develop critical management skills.

BA (Hons) Business Administration (Top-up) provides the skills and understanding required for managing in organisations. It provides a deep understanding of management under specific but different operating conditions. Level 6 builds on the basic functional areas that are deemed to comprise the business discipline, and enables you to extend your knowledge of Business Strategy, Change Management, Digital Business and International Business Management, alongside developing skills in Project Management, research and independent study.

Educational Aims

This course aims to provide you with state of the art analysis and business research skills with options to develop your expertise in Finance, Marketing or Project Management and Operations techniques. The awareness of business and the knowledge base developed in this course will equip you for a broad range of careers in the world of business. Specifically the course will develop skills and expertise in:
?    Enquiry to be able to identify relevant issues for research and to formulate them clearly and precisely,
?    To be able to use on-line techniques to identify and retrieve appropriate material,
?    To develop an ability to analyse, synthesis, and critically evaluate a wide range of subject matter,
?    To be able to use concepts and techniques to develop and evaluate alternative strategies,
?    To develop the skills of an independent learner.

Contextual Understanding

An ability to appreciate the broader economic, social, political, historical, ethical and cultural
Environments as a backdrop to Business,  To be able to identify and to critically analyse strategic issues in business,
To appreciate the appropriate application of Operations and Project Management techniques a wide variety of Business environments,


To develop effective team working skills,
To develop an ability to interface and work collaboratively with a wide range of people and functions in industry.


To be able to undertake independent research in business related subject areas,
The ability to plan and undertake tasks with minimal or little supervision,
To develop information technology and numeracy skills as an aid to data gathering, analysis and presentation,
To develop ability to present knowledge and analysis in a way which is readily comprehensible to 3 others and which communicates data, analysis and recommendations clearly and succinctly.