AutoCAD 3D

From this course, students will gain the knowledge of converting the 2D sketch in to 3D model.

The AutoCAD 3D Intermediate Program is ideal for aspiring Designers who have existing experience with AutoCAD and are looking to improve the quality of their current portfolio using the latest version of AutoCAD and learning how to create 3D renderings for Client Presentations.


This is a completely practical hands on training, where you will learn drafting and modeling AutoCAD projects under expert supervision.


  • Those who already have the knowledge regarding AutoCAD 2D
  • Those who want to improve the knowledge regarding AutoCAD 3D Modeling.



  • Intermediate level AutoCAD users looking to improve their current skills and portfolio.
  • Beginners looking to explore new career options in the construction industry.

At 3DTraining participants learn the software by working on diverse projects and creating high quality construction documents.

At the end of each project, participants also learn how to create 3D renderings for client presentations using some of the new 3D features included with the latest version of AutoCAD.

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