Advanced Diploma in Logistics Management


  1. Provide an opportunity for the practicing Managers in Business Organizations to acquire a comprehensive knowledge base in Logistics Management
  2. Enhance knowledge and skills to improve Quality & Productivity in Business Organizations
  3. Facilitate participants to develop effective Logistics Management Strategies in their respective organizations

Syllabus / Content

  1. Supply Chain and Logistic Management
  2. Management Process & Practices
  3. Business Analytics
  4. Import & Export Management
  5. Financial Accounting in Logistic
  6. Demand Management
  7. Warehousing, Material Handling and Inventory Control Management
  8. Transportation Decision Analysis
  9. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  10. Independent Project

Entry Requirements

  1. Degree with one year working experience in the relevant field
  2. Or
  3. G.C.E A/L with minimum 3 years working experience in the relevant field
  4. Or
  5. Certificate course in logistics management offered by NIBM or any other recognized institute

Fee & Funding

LKR.130,000/- + Reg 2000/-

Student loan facilities are available from BOCNSB & NDB banks.
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Lectures / Discussions / Case Studies / Factory Visits and Real Life Project

Course Director(s)

Mr B P P Thilakarathne

Lectures & Practicals

0900 h - 1600 h